Page numbers followed by f indicates a figure and t indicates a table.


Animating Tater, 139–152

in Blender, 143–152

cyclic animation, 145–149

exporting FBX, 149–152

using actions, 144, 144f

Unity’s animation data works, 142–143

keyframe compression and reduction, 143f

reuse animations on different characters, 143, 144f

using FBX, 140–142

multiple clips versus one clip per file, 140–142

Animation Clips, 141

ARM central processing unit (CPU), 2–7


Batching, 5–7

dynamic batching, 5–6

Static batching, 6–7

Beast, 189

Beast Lightmapping, 189–209, 189f

adjusting lightmaps, 203–209

adding grime to maps, 206–209

color grading maps, 204–206

autogenerate UVs, 192

Beast and HDR, 190

Beast settings, 200–203

custom settings, 201–203

lightmap UVs, ...

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