Creating the Character Costume

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Many beginning and hobbyist costumers believe that professional costume/prop builders have unlimited and specialized resources with which to ply their craft. Actually, the pros create things in much the same way that hobbyists do, working as resourcefully and creatively as possible with a limited budget. Creating the Character Costume dives into these methods to showcase how to achieve expert looks with limited means and lots of creativity. Part One explores tools, materials, and construction methods.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. Part I: Creating Your Character Costume
    1. Chapter 1 Pre-Production—What to Know Before Beginning Your Costume
      1. Things to Consider When Costuming for...
        1. Fun! Halloween, Themed Parties, and Other Costumed Social Events
        2. Cosplay for Conventions—Hall Costumes and Masquerades/Costume Contests
        3. Historical Re-enactment
        4. Exhibits and Displays
        5. Photo Shoots/Print Work
        6. Theater, Dance, and Live Performance
        7. Film and Television
      2. List of Supplies—Tools, Building Materials, and Other Helpful Items
      3. Basic Sewing Techniques and Helpful Hints
    2. Chapter 2 Pattern-Making and Creating Basic Patterns
      1. Creating Patterns Versus Using Store-Bought Patterns
      2. Drafting Custom Patterns
        1. A. Bodice with Sleeve
        2. B. Pants
        3. C. Skirt
    3. Chapter 3 Accessories and Finishing
      1. A. Hats
        1. The Basics of Hat-Making and Different Types of Hats
        2. Creating a Basic Hat Pattern (and Altering the Pattern to Create a Variety of Hats)
      2. B. Shoes
        1. Creating a Basic Shoe Shape
        2. Creating Your Pattern
        3. Covering an Existing Pair of Shoes: Creating a Fantasy Pair of Boots
      3. C. Headdresses
        1. Crowns
        2. Horns
        3. Masks
      4. D. Wings
      5. E. Jewelry
      6. F. Dyeing, Aging, and Distressing
        1. Dyeing
        2. Aging and Distressing
    4. Chapter 4 Wigs and Hairpieces
      1. Altering an Existing Wig
      2. How to Wear Your Wig
      3. The Care and Feeding of Your Wig
      4. Other Types of Hairpieces
      5. ... And How to Make Them
        1. Simple Stitched Center-Part Wig
    5. Chapter 5 Armor
      1. Types of Armor Materials
      2. Building Armor from Cardboard: A Re-creation of Spartan Armor
  8. Part II: Tools, Tips, and Talks with Costumers and Cosplayers
    1. Chapter 6 Albin Johnson
    2. Chapter 7 Jeffrey Hawley
    3. Chapter 8 Cricket Bauer Pohanka
    4. Chapter 9 James Rippe
    5. Chapter 10 DJ Spider
    6. Chapter 11 Orvis Evans
    7. Chapter 12 Jennifer McCollum
    8. Chapter 13 Richard Siebigteroth and Cynthia Hardesty
    9. Chapter 14 Mark Zoran
    10. Chapter 15 Allison (Aly) Amidei
    11. Chapter 16 Spat Oktan
    12. Chapter 17 Diana Waldier
    13. Chapter 18 About the Author: Cheralyn Lambeth
  9. Resources
  10. Index

Product information

  • Title: Creating the Character Costume
  • Author(s): Cheralyn Lambeth
  • Release date: November 2016
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781317597957