Appendix B. A Quick Guide to HTML Tags

One of the best resources on the Web is The Bare Bones Guide to HTML. At this writing, this excellent reference lists nearly all the tags in the most widely supported version of HTML, Version 4.0, plus Netscape extensions.

This site was developed and is maintained by Kevin Werbach, a Harvard Law School graduate and former FCC attorney in Washington who has invested a lot of time and thought into Web authoring. You can find out an awful lot about Web authoring from the thoughts, resources, and examples on Kevin's home page at

The Bare Bones Guide lists tags from the different versions of HTML with notes describing which version of HTML a given tag supports. We thought splitting out the HTML tags into separate tables by the version of HTML they support would help you.

In the version of The Bare Bones Guide in this book, we include only HTML tags from HTML versions through Version 4.0. For frames only, we use HTML 4.0 tags; see Table B-27 at the end of this chapter. We do this because HTML 4.0 tags are the most commonly used by the broad range of Web pages and Web browsers out there. The online version of The Bare Bones Guide to HTML lists tags up to the current version of the HTML standard at the time that you access the site.

The original The Bare Bones Guide to HTML, from which we adapted this version, is copyrighted (©1995–2006) to Kevin Werbach. You can reproduce the original, as long as you include this statement:

  Copyright ...

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