Chapter 13

Crowd Mentality: Staying Afloat in the Face of Investor Revolt

In This Chapter

arrow Stepping around potential pitfalls

arrow Firing up your communication engines in the face of poor PR

arrow Facing legal problems head-on

arrow Convincing your crowd to trust you

As we discuss throughout this book, the beauty of crowds is that they can provide tremendous support as you create a new business or grow your small company into something larger. But crowds aren’t one-dimensional, and if you make too many missteps after a successful crowdfund investment campaign, your crowd could turn against you. We certainly hope that won’t happen to you, but we’ve written unlucky Chapter 13 about the possibility of investor revolt: what could create it and how it must be managed so you can emerge with your company intact.

Even if you know most of the people who invest in you and can’t imagine them ever getting surly, we encourage you to read this chapter. You want to know what can go wrong so you’ve always got a little voice in the back of your head that stops you when you’re about to do something the crowd may not ...

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