Chapter 16

Committing Your Capital

In This Chapter

arrow Respecting the protection offered by investment limits

arrow Taking the plunge!

arrow Exercising your rights as an investor

arrow Reaping some rewards (we hope!)

Think of a time when you bought something that you couldn’t return — maybe a nice pair of eggplant-colored pants on the “Final Sale” rack in the department store basement. Did you live to regret that decision? Did you wake up the next day wishing you could get your $7.98 back?

Making an impulse buy from a department store sale rack is risky enough. You definitely don’t want to let impulse guide your decisions when it comes to crowdfund investing. If you do, you may live to regret those decisions, and they may cost you a lot more than $7.98.

remember.eps As we discuss in Chapter 15, funding startups or small businesses via crowdfund investing is not the same as putting money into companies via the public markets. First, a one-year holding period applies to all equity shares you purchase via crowdfund investing. ...

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