Chapter 13

Picking Your Platform

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing how a platform helps you

arrow Seeing which platform works for your project

arrow Considering a platform’s crowds, support and policies

arrow Looking at different platforms’ offerings

You think that you’re ready to start crowdsourcing. You have an idea and a plan. For your next step, you need to choose a platform. The platform is a website, a crowdmarket and an organisation of people who can help you to crowdsource. When you use a crowdsourcing platform, you’re not alone. You have a group of people who understand crowdsourcing and who are ready and waiting to help you.

A crowdsourcing platform isn’t absolutely essential in order to crowdsource. Chapter 12 shows how you can crowdsource with social media, and you can crowdsource from a private web page if you like. If you have a desire to do things from first principles, you can even crowdsource from a busy street corner with nothing more than a clipboard and a booming voice. In some cases, crowdsourcing without using a formal crowdsourcing platform makes sense. You can search for macrotaskers ...

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