Chapter 17

Short-Term Trading Strategies


Bullet Using different time frames in short-term trading

Bullet Exploring short-term crypto strategies

Bullet Managing the risks involved with short-term trading

Let me set this straight: I’m not a big fan of short-term trading. It’s a personality thing. Some traders thrive on the thrill of short-term trading adventures, or speculative trading. I sweat on speculations. I prefer to invest long term, sit back, relax, have nights of peaceful sleep, and let the markets do their thing. (You can discover some long-term investing strategies in Chapter 18.)

That being said, I have many students who ask me for short-term strategies. And being the awesome coach that I am, I deliver. In this chapter, I go through some methods I use to develop short-term strategies that have worked for my students in the past. Although the basics of short-term trading are similar across different assets, crypto trading requires you to consider some additional steps to stack the odds in your favor.

Distinguishing Three Short-Term Time Frames

Short-term trading can also be called aggressive trading. Why? Because you’re taking more risk in the hope of making more profit. ...

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