You’re reading CSS3 Foundations at an exciting time. Right now, the way in which the web is styled is undergoing changes, and with the constant advancement of technology, that doesn’t look to end any time soon. The web is already a beautiful place, but with more features allowing you to style a page than ever, the possibilities of what can be created are endless.

Who Should Read This Book?

CSS3 Foundations is for those completely new to styling web pages, but also makes as a great reference for those familiar with CSS too—particularly when you want to remind yourself of the newest CSS features that you may not have committed to memory.

Ideally, you have a basic understanding of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) but it’s not essential. The HTML that makes up the web page built upon throughout CSS3 Foundations is provided for you and described in Chapter 2. So, whether you’ve chosen to start learning CSS before HTML, or vice versa, you’ll be gently eased into both technologies.

If you’re a hobbyist, somebody looking to make a career change into the wonderful world of the web industry, an owner of a website that is need of restyling, or a web designer/developer looking to upgrade your skills to the most recent techniques and methods in use today, CSS3 Foundations is for you.

What You Will Learn

CSS3 Foundations aims to get you not just hitting the ground running, but hopping, stepping, and jumping too!

You’ll go from the very basics of styling a web page; changing the ...

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