Chapter 17

Ten Customer Metrics You Should Collect

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying the most useful metrics

arrow Improving revenues by improving your knowledge about your customers

You can quantify the value of your customers throughout the customer journey in myriad ways. While the “best” metrics depend on your goals and specific context, most organizations should collect these ten.

These metrics are a mix of the four types of customer analytics to collect: descriptive, behavioral, interaction, and attitudinal (as described in Chapter 2).

Customer Revenue

Understanding where, when, and how much top-line revenue is being generated is probably already being done. However, it’s often not being effectively tracked on a customer-by-customer basis. Tracking how much revenue is generated by each customer allows you to understand both which customers and which customer segments are responsible for the majority of your revenue.

remember.eps The Pareto Principle says that usually a minority of customers is responsible for the majority of your revenue.

See Chapter 4 for more details on using the Pareto Principle.

Customer Satisfaction

Revenue doesn’t last if customers aren’t happy. Fortunately, you can measure ...

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