4.2 Data Warehouse Modeling: Data Cube and OLAP

Data warehouses and OLAP tools are based on a multidimensional data model. This model views data in the form of a data cube. In this section, you will learn how data cubes model n-dimensional data (Section 4.2.1). In Section 4.2.2, various multidimensional models are shown: star schema, snowflake schema, and fact constellation. You will also learn about concept hierarchies (Section 4.2.3) and measures (Section 4.2.4) and how they can be used in basic OLAP operations to allow interactive mining at multiple levels of abstraction. Typical OLAP operations such as drill-down and roll-up are illustrated (Section 4.2.5). Finally, the starnet model for querying multidimensional databases is presented ( ...

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