Shape measures 
coefficient of kurtosis 65, 66f
coefficient of kurtosis on Stata 66–68, 67–68b, 67t
definition 65
Fisher’s coefficient of kurtosis 66
leptokurtic curve 65, 66f
mesokurtic curve 65, 65f
platykurtic curve 65, 65f
Bowley’s coefficient of skewness 63–64, 64b
coefficient of skewness on Stata 64–65
Fisher’s coefficient of skewness 64
left/negative skewness 61, 62f
Pearson’s first coefficient of skewness 62–63, 62–63b
Pearson’s second coefficient of skewness 63, 63b
right/positive skewness 61, 62f
symmetrical distribution 61, 62f
Shapiro-Francia (S-F) tests 480
Stata, regression models estimation 509, 509f, 511, 512f
univariate tests for normality 205–206, 205–206b, 206t
Shapiro-Wilk (S-W) test 480, 1178–1179t

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