Page numbers ending with an italic f (e.g. 192f) indicate tables or figures.

Numbers containing a lowercase n (e.g. 301n or 432n.5) indicate a footnote.

24/24 availability, 270271

80/20 (Pareto) rule, 302

99.999% availability, 273274

100 Year Archive Requirements Survey, 503n


Abbreviations, standards for, 96

Absolute positioning, 383385

Access (Microsoft), 767

Access paths, 187

Accessibility, DBA to coworkers, 745

Accessing data. See Data access.

Accounts. See Logins.

ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) properties, 205206

Acquire/release specification, 218

Actian Corporation, 764

Active databases, 426

Active metadata sources, 690

Actuate, 773

Adabas (Software AG), 764

Adaptive Ltd., 772

Adaptive Server ...

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