Your Camera Roadmap

The Sony a7R III has the same electronic viewfinder (EVF) as the Sony a9, with the Quad-VGA OLED (organic LED) EVF sporting a resolution of approximately 3,686k dots, and utilizing a Zeiss T* Coating to reduce reflections. On top of this, the a7R III supports a customizable frame rate for the EVF, with options of either 60 fps or 120 fps, again matching the 120 fps offered by the A9.

Sony calls the official manual for the a7R III a “Help Guide,” which many take to mean that the average user needs a lot of help to use it. It’s 650 pages long and includes pages of tiny black-and-white drawings impaled with dozens of callouts. Six pages are devoted just to labeling the 258 individual icons that can appear in the viewfinder ...

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