The letter n following a page number denotes a note.
Abnormal return(s)
AB Volvo, see Renault/Volvo proposed merger
Accounting studies
Acquisitions, case studies, see Bestfoods, acquisition by Unilever; Columbia Pictures, acquisition by Sony Corporation;The Learning Company, acquisition by Mattel; Medco, acquisition by Merck; NCR, acquisition by AT&T; Snapple, acquisition by Quaker Oats;Tyco International acquisition program
Active investors
Adjusted returns
ADT Security Services
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), acquisition of NextGen
Allen, Robert
Alpha returns
American Premier Underwriters
America Online (AOL), see AOL/Time Warner merger
Anchoring effects
Annualized returns
Anschutz, Philip
Antitakeover defense
Antitrust actions
AOL/Time Warner merger:
aftermath of
announcement of
AOL history
background history
cognitive biases
deal structure
enabling factors
failure drivers
management decisions
motives for
origin of
team response
technological innovations
tight coupling
Time Warner history
Arthur Andersen
Assets, returns on
AT&T, see NCR, acquisition by AT&T
breakup of
computer segment
Attali, Bernard
Automobile industry, mergers, see Renault/Volvo proposed merger
B&O Railroad, merger with C&O Railroad
Banking industry, deregulation of
Bank mergers
movie theater industry
in railroad industry
Penn Central Railroad
Revco Drug Stores
Barad, Jill E.
Bargaining power
Baxter, Cliff
Before-and-after comparisons
Begelman, David ...

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