AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd edition, 2002 revision), 9, 53–54

AAF (Advanced Authoring Format), 65–66

Acquisition information, 111

Additional data essence, 90

Administrative metadata, 21

ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) broadband, 89

Advanced Authoring Format (AAF), 65–66

Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), 80, 87

Agents, software, 98

Aggregated metadata, 96

American Association of Advertising Industries, 80

American Chemical Society, 80

AMIA (Association of Moving Image Archivists), 130

AMIA Compendium of Moving Image Cataloging Practice, 130

AMIM2 (Archival Moving Image Materials, Version 2), 9, 54

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd edition, 2002 revision (AACR2), 9, 53–54

Archival metadata,

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