Appendix D

Additional Exercises with Solutions

In this appendix we give additional exercise with their solutions.

D.1   Additional Exercises

D.1.1   Chapter 4: Loop Design Issues

  1. Arrange the following functions of n in their correct order, using the idea of Order notation, giving the reasons:
  2. Derive the asymptotic time complexity of the following algorithm:


    Algorithm D.1 | print_n()



    if n is non-zero then


    print the value (n/10) using print _n;


    print the digit (n mod 10);



  3. Here is a list of functions of one variable n:


    n5/100, 5, (log 2 n)2, n2/(1 + n), 22 log2n, n2 log 2 n, n2 + 27n, 2n


    Place them in a ...

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