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Design Fundamentals: Notes on Color Theory

Book Description

Say your worst nightmare came true and you not only missed a class in your¿design foundation course on color theory–one of the¿first required courses for that coveted design degree–but you missed the ENTIRE SEMESTER? What would you do? Here’s what: You’d go to the funniest, smartest, most creative kid in class and borrow his or her notebook. And that notebook would look exactly like¿Design Fundamentals: Notes on Color Theory.
Design Fundamentals: Notes on Color Theory¿looks and functions like a student’s sketchbook with hand-written¿notes and illustrations capturing the key concepts and assignments taught in¿a basic¿course¿on color. First in a series,¿Design Fundamentals: Notes on Color Theory is an essential guide and learning experience covering the basics and history of color science, the practical awareness of color qualities and characteristics, and the use of color in art and design for composition and visual expression. Fun and fast-paced, this imaginative notebook isn’t required reading, it’s desired reading; and it’s one book that students will want to keep and enjoy long after they’ve mastered the fundamentals of designing with color.
The book includes:
• Fundamental information covering major aspects of color use and accompanying theories
• Strange and delightful illustrations created specifically for this book (to inspire action)
• Basic information on the history and science of color including color theorists and their wheels
•¿Direction for designing with pigment-based color as well as with digital, screen-based color
• “Secret” Pinterest boards augmenting examples in the book and providing additional resources
• Exercises and sketchbook prompts that will keep you inspired by color and design for now and into the future