Chapter 9. Programming the Web Component

In this chapter:

This chapter introduces a number of recent web technologies and describes how to build a website, build and deploy servlets, create Java Server Pages (JSP), and create and build a JavaBean. In addition, this chapter shows you how to incorporate the CORBA client that you developed in Part III.


This section describes the configuration of those tools so that you can follow through the sample application more easily. You need to have access to the following: a web server, this book uses WebSphere Application Server (WAS) to provide servlet support, WebSphere Studio for the development of your servlets, and NetObjects Fusion or other web page servers to develop your web pages.

Install and Configure a Web Server

When you have successfully installed your web server (for example, IBM HTTP Server), you can create an alias to point your web server at the directory where you have your HTML files. To do this:

  1. Edit the httpd.conf file found in the \Program Files\IBM HTTP Server\conf\ directory and add a directive for a user directory to contain your web pages:

    UserDir "C:/userpages"

    UserDir may already be defined for your web server.

  2. Set up an alias for /cicsadp. This will redirect requests for http://servername/cicsadp/ to the index.html file in the folder /userpages/cicsadp/index.html:

    Alias /cicsadp/ "C:/userpages/ciscadp/"
  3. Use Windows Explorer to create a cicsadp folder under ...

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