Chapter 15. Programming the MQSeries-CICS Bridge

In this chapter:

This chapter describes the process of building the Java GUI and the coding of the application. In addition, it describes the way to set up communication between MQSeries for Windows NT and MQSeries for OS/390.

Building the Java GUI

The Java GUI has been written in Swing, which provides a larger set of components and which can produce more aesthetically pleasing results than the Java Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT). Swing is a subset of Java Version 1.2, which is used to develop GUIs. In particular, the JTable object used in Swing has been used to create the main panel. The JTable for the main panel is set up in Within this class, the menu bar (instance of JMenuBar) and associated controls are created. The data entry area consists of a combination box (instance of JCombo) and a click button (instance of Jbutton) to submit the request. The results are displayed within a panel (instance of JPanel) where a four-section grid layout, as described in Designing the Graphical User Interface in Chapter 14, is used. The full source code can be found in the MQSeries-Java Client directory on the CD that accompanies this book.

The Java GUI has deliberately been kept simple. The main purpose of this application is to show the mechanism used to obtain data from a CICS program using MQSeries messaging.


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