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The previous chapter presented several design strategies for query disambiguation. This chapter continues the discussion of query disambiguation by exploring a simple but powerful design pattern, More Like This, which is a versatile design pattern that provides the information scent and structure that enables customers to make quick, easy, and intuitive navigational decisions. Unfortunately, most sites do not make sufficient use of this pattern, and others that do use it, often implement it incorrectly.


image The idea behind the More Like This pattern is deceptively simple: Within each group of items representing a particular category from a catalog or accompanying each item in search results, provide a prominent link or button with a label that is some variation of More Like This > or See All X >. Of course, the devil, as they say, is in the details. Figure 12.1 shows one of the more successful implementations of this pattern, the home page.

FIGURE 12.1's successful implementation of More Like This

On close examination,'s ...

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