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Developing Bots with Microsoft Bots Framework: Create Intelligent Bots using MS Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services

Book Description

Develop Intelligent Bots using Microsoft Bot framework (C# and Node.js), Visual Studio Enterprise & Code, Microsoft
Azure and Cognitive Services. This book shows you how to develop great Bots, publish to Azure and register with Bot portal so that customers can
connect and communicate using famous communication channels like Skype, Slack, Web and Facebook. You'll also learn how to build intelligence into Bots using Azure Cognitive Services like LUIS, OCR, Speech to Text and Web Search.
Bots are the new face of user experience. Conversational User Interface provides many options to make user
experience richer, innovative and engaging with email, text, buttons or voice as the medium for communication.
Modern line of business applications can be replaced or associated with Intelligent Bots that can use data/history
combined with Machine Intelligence to make user experience inclusive and exciting.

With Developing Bots with Microsoft Bots Framework, you'll see just how simple Bot building can be.

What You'll Learn
  • Build Bots using MS Bot framework on Windows and Non-Windows platforms
  • Publish your Bot to the cloud in minutes
  • Create rich communication platforms between your application and users  
  • Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to your applications
Who This Book Is For

Developers and Architects who design and build modern applications or communication platforms using MS stack or open source technologies. 

Business Analysts and UX Specialists interested in designing and building trendy user interfaces/platforms using Bots and Azure ML