acetyl–CoA pathway, 413
acidosis, 359
airlift photobioreactor, 424
amphiboles, 436
areal integrators, 231
areal measurements, 230–3
argon, 335
Artificial Soil Gassing and Response Detection, 337
asbestos, 451
ASTM D3359, 483
atmospheric pool, 273
bandgap, 466
Best Pra1ctice Manual for Storage of CO2 in Saline Aquifers, 29
advantages and limitations, 426–7
algal divisions and their characteristic storage products, 416
autotrophic micro-organisms and their energy sources, 414
basic principles and methods, 412–14
Calvin cycle, 412, 413
other CO2 biofixation pathways, 412–14
carbon dioxide, 411–28
chemoautrophs and photoautotrophs, 414–18
chemoautotrophic bacteria, ...

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