Chapter 3. Preparing for Implementing a DNS-Based DevOps Approach

When starting down the road of moving toward a DevOps-based culture that takes advantage of the DNS-based solutions recommended below, there a few areas that need consideration.

This chapter will outline some of the building blocks that are needed.

Selecting a DNS Provider

If you want to move ahead with using DNS as an integral element of your DevOps approach, then the selection of an appropriate DNS partner is a key decision. There are many providers out there that offer a wide range of solutions.

Hosting partners or cloud providers will often offer a DNS service as part of their offering. It is important to remember that you do not need to host your DNS with them; while there are advantages to centralizing management in one area, there are also some advantages to maintaining an independent DNS provision. Most importantly is that it gives you freedom to move to different providers in future or to spread systems across multiple providers. However, regardless of the independence of the provider, it is crucial that the provider you choose has the level of expertise in the DNS arena to provide the level of support necessary for a mission-critical platform. For many providers, DNS is an add-on service that is not given the importance it deserves.

It is also essential that when evaluating potential partners or evaluating whether to use your existing cloud provider, the following important capabilities are considered: ...

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