Chapter 4

Considering Email Marketing


Bullet Reviewing types of marketing email

Bullet Building a promotional calendar

Bullet Writing and designing marketing email

Bullet Making your emails deliverable

Imagine that it’s seven o’clock on a Tuesday morning. You wake up to the beeping of your alarm, roll out of bed, and stumble to the kitchen, where the coffee that you programmed to brew last night is just finishing its drip cycle. You grab a mug, add some cream and a tiny sprinkle of sugar, and sit down at the kitchen table. Then you check your email.

If you’re anything like most adult Americans, this routine may be familiar. Email is not only part of daily routines, but also one of theprimary sources of information. It probably isn’t a surprise to you that email has a higher return on investment than any other channel by far. In fact, email returns an average 4,300 percent return on investment for businesses in the United States.

Email plays an important role in digital marketing because it helps move customers from one stage of the buyer journey (see Book 2, Chapter 3 for more on the buyer ...

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