Chapter 13

Optimizing Your Campaigns for Maximum ROI


check Optimizing your campaigns by running split tests

check Using the necessary tools for split testing

check Knowing the pages to test and not to test

check Launching and understanding how a test performed

check Analyzing a test

Imagine that you’ve built a web page designed to sell a Caribbean cruise. At the top of this page, you show a headline that reads “Save on Caribbean Cruise Deals! Nobody Beats Our Prices!” Your business partner approaches you with a couple of new headline ideas that she thinks will improve the number of cruise bookings. What should you do — trust her gut and make the change? Or stick with the original?

The correct answer is to test it. As we discuss in Chapter 12, a data-driven business goes beyond making marketing decisions based on hunches and guesswork. To truly maximize your campaign’s ROI (return on investment), you need to gather data and run tests to increase the impact. Otherwise, your actions are like throwing ...

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