Chapter 15. Emailing Your Photos

Ever since Kodak rolled out the Brownie camera, photographers have been slipping snapshots into envelopes and sending them off to friends and family. The same thing goes on today, but with email, it’s faster and cheaper. Emailing photos takes just a few clicks and costs nothing (assuming you already have an email account). Email’s perfect for quickly sending off a single photo—or even a handful of photos—to friends, family, and co-workers.


If you have more than a couple of photos to share, consider posting them on a photo-sharing Web site. In fact, there’s a whole chapter devoted to that subject—Chapter 14.

A variety of programs you’ve seen throughout this book have tools to help you send photos by email. No matter which program you use, the biggest challenge is always the same: image files are big files. Even when you’re emailing just a photo or two, you can take steps to ensure email success. This chapter reveals the best and fastest ways to email photos using these three programs:

  • Kodak EasyShare. EasyShare appears to have a preference for sending photos you’ve uploaded to the EasyShare Gallery (Section 6.3), but the program will actually email pictures stored on your PC. All you have to do is adjust its…well, Preferences.

  • Picasa. Sure, Picasa has a reputation for being a bit more complicated than EasyShare, but not so with emailing photos—it’s a simple point and click operation. Again, a preference tweak is required to unleash its emailing ...

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