Part II. Reference

This reference describes every element in DocBook V5.0.

Organization of Reference Pages

The description of each element in this reference is divided into the following sections:


Provides a quick synopsis of the element. The content of the synopsis varies according to the nature of the element described, but may include any or all of the following sections:

Content Model

Describes the content model of the element, the mixture of things that it can contain. See Understanding Content Models.


Provides a synopsis of the attributes on the element. For brevity, common attributes are described only once, in this introduction. Likewise, common linking attributes are described once.

Additional Constraints

Provides a synopsis of any additional constraints on the element. These constraints are expressed using Schematron in the RELAX NG grammar.


Describes the semantics of the element.

Processing expectations

Summarizes specific formatting expectations of the element. Many processing expectations are influenced by attribute values. Be sure to consult the description of element attributes as well.

Future changes

Identifies changes that are scheduled for future versions of the schema. These changes are highlighted because they involve some backward incompatibility that may make currently valid DocBook documents no longer valid under the new version.


Describes the semantics of each attribute.

See Also

Lists similar or related elements.


Provides ...

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