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Don't Get Burned on eBay by Shauna Wright

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Michele Filshie (editor) is the editor of four Personal Trainers (another O’Reilly series) and assistant editor for the Missing Manual series. Before turning to the world of computer-related books, Michele spent many happy years at Black Sparrow Press.

Drue Miller (technical reviewer) is a writer, designer, and avid collector of mid-century glassware, vintage clothing, and really bad clown art. Since 1998, Drue has bought and sold many items on eBay, both for herself and for others as an eBay “Trading Assistant.” Drue was also the Director of Research at AuctionDrop, the first nationwide eBay drop-off service, where she developed internal processes and trained staff on the art of selling on eBay. She is also the co-creator of “Who Would Buy That?”, a weblog of weird eBay auctions (http://www.whowouldbuythat.com). Drue lives in Pittsburgh with her husband.

David A. Karp(technical reviewer) has written 10 power-user books available in 9 languages, including the bestselling eBay Hacks: Tips & Tools for Bidding, Buying, and Selling. An eBay fanatic and a compulsive tinkerer, David served as the editor of PayPal Hacks, and has been spotted teaching classes at the last few eBay Live! conferences. Contact him at ebayhacks.com.


This book was written under the power of more 12-packs of Fresca than I can count, during many late nights with “The Daily Show” humming happily in the background (thank you, Jon Stewart). Frequent breaks were necessary to feed at least one of the four feline mouths in my home.

This is not my first writing project—I’ve been writing as long as I can remember—but it is my first book. I can now safely say it’s not nearly as easy as it looks. I’ll resist the urge to thank the academy, but there are some fabulous people to whom I owe my utmost gratitude.

To Sarah Milstein and Michele Filshie, my very kind and patient editors who (bonus!) get my twisted sense of humor. Without them I’m certain I wouldn’t have been able to navigate this process successfully.

To the regulars on eBay’s Answer Center boards, who gave me the knowledge that eventually became this book. They know more about eBay than most people will ever forget.

To my co-workers Kyle Alegrete, Joni Beyer, Ryan and Racquel Cosare, Debbie Garabato, Bryce Hatch, Carol Lussier, Esteban Tahmazian, and Daniel Van Belle, who keep me sane in an insane place and can always make me laugh (especially at myself).

To Pableaux Johnson, a many-time author and one of the funniest people I know, who for years has said, “You have a book in you. Write it.”

To Charles Rhodes, who was first a neighbor, then a friend, and is now one of my closest confidants.

To Drue Miller, my long-time partner in crime with whom a series of late night emails sparked the idea for WhoWouldBuyThat.com.

To Leslie Harpold, my dearest friend and mentor, who truly believes I’m capable of anything if only I’d get up off my ass and do it.

To Tim Powell, the Ethel to my Lucy, who has seen me at my most insane and loves me in spite (or maybe because) of it.

To my parents, Patrick and Lienda Carter, who have always encouraged me to try everything (and are sure I’m good at it all).

And finally, to Mitch Herron, who for some reason has spent the better part of his life thinking I’m the most beautiful, brilliant woman in the world. May the spell never be broken.

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