Images and Image Maps

Dreamweaver allows you to work with web-compatible images (GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs) in a variety of ways, including:

  • Positioning and resizing images on a page

  • Client-side image maps

  • Rollover images and navigation bars

  • Web photo albums

Inserting Images

Insert images using Insert Image or by clicking the Insert Image icon in the Objects panel’s Common category. In the Select Image Source dialog box, shown in Figure 2-8, select the file to link to, or enter the image’s URL manually. Choose Relative To Document from the pop-up menu to create a URL relative to the current document. Choose Relative To Site Root to create a URL relative to the root folder of the site. To create an absolute URL, specify the entire path, including the server, such as Use the Preview Images checkbox to preview both local and remote files.

The Select Image Source dialog box

Figure 2-8. The Select Image Source dialog box

Once an image is inserted, use the Property inspector to set the <img> tag’s options. Figure 2-9 shows the Property inspector when an image is selected. Double-clicking an image in the Design view opens the Property inspector and prompts you to reselect an image file for the src attribute of the <img> tag.

The Property inspector for images

Figure 2-9. The Property inspector for images

Table 2-5 ...

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