The Site Window

The logical map of a web site determines how visitors find information, just as the directory structure determines where developers physically organize the files. Without a well-planned logical structure, a site’s appeal and usefulness is compromised; without a well-planned physical structure, development takes longer than necessary and results in a less reliable site.

There is only one Site window, but it has three different panes:

  • The Site Map pane is a graphical representation of your site.

  • The Local Files pane shows the files in the local (development) folder.

  • The Remote Files pane shows the files on the remote (live) site.

To display these panes, the Site window has three different modes:

  • The Site Map and Files view (see Figure 6-8) displays the Site Map pane and either the Local Files pane or the Remote Files pane.

  • The Site Map Only view (see Figure 6-9) displays only the Site Map pane.

  • The Site Files view (see Figure 6-11) displays both the Local Files and Remote Files panes.

Site Map and Files view and Site Map Only view are both variations of the Site Map view as controlled by the Site Map button in the Site window toolbar, also indicated in Figure 6-9 (click and hold the Site Map button to switch modes). The subsequent sections describe how to use and configure the Site window’s various incarnations.

The Site Map and Files View

Dreamweaver represents a site’s logical interconnections using a graphical site map. Open the Site Map window (shown in Figure 6-8) using ...

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