Fireworks 4 (FW4) is bundled with DW4 in the Dreamweaver 4 Fireworks 4 Studio. This section covers integration between FW4 and DW4 (earlier versions of Fireworks offer more limited integration).

Fireworks isn’t just a bitmap and vector graphics editing program—it can create interactivity, sliced image tables, links, and image maps. See Fireworks’ Help Welcome option for tutorials and lessons on creating animations, rollover effects, and pop-up menus in Fireworks. Also see Macromedia’s Using Fireworks manual and Chapter 12 in Macromedia’s Using Dreamweaver manual.

Creating Tables in Fireworks

Layout tables can create an interface that defies the grid pattern typically associated with tables. Using Fireworks’ slice feature, you can optimize each area of your page separately and then export it as a layout table. You can combine GIFs and JPEGs in the same table, or use animated GIFs for some slices while applying rollover effects to others.

When slicing your table, start with the complete image. Segment it into as simple a grid as possible, and block out the areas that will become rollover images and animated GIFs. To slice the image in Fireworks, use the Slice tool to draw the slice area on the image. (You can also select an object with Fireworks’ pointer tool or select an area with its marquee tool, and then choose Insert Slice.)

Figure 13-7 shows what a sliced image might look like in Fireworks. For more tips on using slices to create tables and optimize images, choose ...

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