CourseBuilder Interactions

CourseBuilder interactions allow you to easily build a project from basic elements. After installing CourseBuilder you can access the full CourseBuilder documentation under Help Using CourseBuilder. The elaborate help files documents each interaction type. Help buttons also appear in each tab of the CourseBuilder Interaction dialog box (see Figure 23-2). If you installed CourseBuilder in the Dreamweaver4/CourseBuilder folder, a sample CourseBuilder project is at Dreamweaver4/CourseBuilder/Tutorial/cb_tutorial/discover_comp/discover_nav.htm. More online information can be found at the resources listed under Help Welcome to CourseBuilder.

If you are developing highly interactive courseware, you should consider using other Macromedia products, such as Flash, Director, or Authorware, in combination with Dreamweaver. Authorware is designed for creating computer-based training (CBT) and is bundled with Dreamweaver in the eLearning Studio (see For an overview of eLearning solutions, see the eLearning product matrix at

Inserting and Editing Interactions

To insert a CourseBuilder interaction into an HTML document use Insert CourseBuilder Interaction or click the Insert CourseBuilder Interaction icon in the Objects panel’s Learning category, shown in Figure 23-1.

Figure 23-1. The Learning category of the Objects panel

Inserting an interaction opens ...

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