Chapter 8

Participating in the Community


check Setting up your Profile page

check Having fun in boards, chats, and discussions

check Joining an eBay group

eBay is more than just an Internet location for buying and selling great stuff. Most of all, eBay is about people. For years now, the byword for business has been “social media” — and eBay at one time had a large and bustling community of its own. As in real-life communities, you may participate as much as works for you.

As you’ve probably heard, one of the main ways to participate in the eBay community is through feedback (which I explain in detail in Chapters 5 and 7). In this chapter, I show you some other ways to become part of the eBay community. Social media has opened up many new groups — and new ways to share ideas with other sellers who may not want to hang around eBay all day. On the eBay site, you can socialize, get information from other members, leave messages, or just read what everybody’s talking about on eBay’s message boards, category boards, and corporate announcement board. The tools in this chapter help you solidify your place in the community that is eBay.

Your Social Profile on eBay

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