Chapter 17. The eBay Community: Joining In with Other eBay Members

In This Chapter

  • Looking at announcements and other important messages

  • Using eBay message boards

  • Getting to know products through reviews

  • Sharing through My World

  • Chatting it up

eBay is more than just an Internet location for buying and selling great stuff. eBay wants the world to know that it has created (and works hard to maintain) a community. It's not a bad deal — prime real estate in this community costs only pennies! As in real-life communities, you participate as much as works for you. You can get involved in all sorts of neighborhood activities, or you can just sit back, mind your own business, and watch the world go by. eBay works exactly the same way.

As you've probably heard by now, one of the main ways to participate in the eBay community is through feedback (which I explain in detail in Chapters 4 and 6). In this chapter, I show you some other ways to become part of the community. You can socialize (making friends who live in your community or who live across the planet), learn from other members, post messages, or just read what everybody's talking about on eBay's discussion boards, groups, chat boards, and the corporate Announcements Board. I include tips on how to use all these places to your benefit, and then give you a change of scenery by surfing through some off-site message boards that can help you with your buying and selling.

On eBay's navigation bar, click the Community link to connect to the happenings ...

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