Save Your Searches

There are different ways to save your complex searches for repeated use.

Dimitri’s Law states that anything you search for on eBay, you will likely search for again. Okay, there is no Dimitri, and I just made up the part about the law, but it’s still a valid point.

Favorite Searches

The Favorites tab of My eBay is designed to save lists of your favorite searches, favorite categories, and favorite sellers. These lists are stored onsite and so can be accessed even if you’re not at home, which can be quite convenient.

To add a new category, go to My eBay All Favorites Categories, and then click the “Add new category” link on the right side of the box. On the next page, you can choose and save up to four categories. Categories can be removed from the list by marking the corresponding checkboxes and clicking Delete.


Provided you haven’t reached your four-category limit, you can also add a category to your list of Favorites by clicking the “Add to My Favorite Categories” link in the upper-right of any ordinary category listing [Hack #12] . Once you’ve specified four favorite categories, the link no longer appears.

The My Favorite Sellers page works similarly to the My Favorite Categories page, except that you type or paste the seller names instead of clicking. Also, there is a delay in adding new sellers to this list, so be prepared to wait about a minute before reloading the page to see a newly added seller. You can save up to 30 seller names or eBay Stores [Hack ...

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