Open an eBay Store

Open an eBay Store to build a more aggressive presence on eBay and on the Web.

For sellers who want their presence on eBay to be more than just a collection of running auctions, eBay allows you to open a Storefront. eBay Stores are permanent, dedicated web sites on which you can list more inventory for less money than ordinary eBay listings.

An eBay Store offers a bunch of perks, including the following:

Longer-lasting listings.

You’ll be able to create fixed-price listings that last 30, 60, 90, or even 120 days. These listings don’t show up in standard eBay search results (except under specific circumstances), but are shown to buyers who enter your store through any of your ordinary eBay listings.


Your standard eBay listings appear alongside your store listings in your eBay Store as long as the listing started after you opened your storefront. Having a few normal eBay listings running concurrently to your store inventory listings is a great way to promote your eBay Store.

Lower insertion fees.

eBay Stores items cost only 5 cents for each 30 days they appear in your store.

Private search for your store.

A search box appears at the top of your personal category listings, allowing customers to search through only your listings. Of course, you can always add a similar box to your non-Store listings [Hack #61] .

Create your own categories.

File your store inventory into a handful of custom categories in your store. Although these categories won’t get mixed in with eBay’s ...

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