Streamline Listings with Turbo Lister

Use eBay Turbo Lister to upload more listings in less time.

The Sell Your Item form [Hack #43] is a simple but limited auction listing tool, adequate only for creating a handful of new listings at a time. It’s hopelessly cumbersome for anyone needing to upload a large number of listings or otherwise automate the listing process.

eBay’s own Turbo Lister application is what they call a bulk listing tool, but in many ways it is simply a more convenient way to create eBay auctions. Turbo Lister, available at, is completely free to download and use, and operates on any Windows machine (Mac and Unix are not supported).


Although Turbo Lister provides the same listing options available at, it sometimes takes a little while (often a few days or even weeks) for eBay to update the software with new features and categories. To make sure Turbo Lister is always up-to-date, go to Tools Options Advanced Options, and turn on the “Automatically download updates when I start the program” option. You can also participate in the Beta program and see the latest features and changes sooner than most by going to Tools Options Join Beta Program.

Setting Up Turbo Lister

One of Turbo Lister’s biggest strengths is that it effectively eliminates the need to enter the same information again and again. Before you use Turbo Lister, take a moment to specify default values by going to Tools Options, as shown in Figure 7-3.

Figure 7-3. Use ...

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