Chapter 6. Selling Your Items


  • 37 About Selling on eBay

  • 38 About Finding Items to Sell

  • 39 About Banned Items

  • 40 Determine Your Selling Price and Estimate Your Selling Fees

  • 41 About the eBay Sell Your Item Page

  • 42 Start the Sell Form and Choose a Category

  • 43 Write the Title and Description

  • 44 Choose Pricing, Duration, and Location

  • 45 About Dutch Auction Formats

  • 46 Add Pictures to Your Auction

  • 47 Choose Auction Extras

  • 48 Set Payment and Shipping Options

  • 49 Review and Post Your Auction

You’ve got something you want to sell, and you believe the world wants to buy it. eBay offers one of the world’s easiest ways to sell, with a minimum of effort.

In this chapter, you learn how to create your first auction listing. You learn how to do everything including ...

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