Chapter 12. Using PayPal for Paying or Receiving Money


  • 83 About PayPal

  • 84 Sign Up for PayPal

  • 85 Pay for an Item Using PayPal

  • 86 Receive Money for an Item Using PayPal

  • 87 Manage Your PayPal Account

  • 88 Add Funds to Your PayPal Account

  • 89 Send an Invoice with PayPal

  • 90 Ship a Package Using PayPal

Paying for goods and receiving payment for goods can be a pain—but not if you use PayPal. PayPal is the preferred payment method on eBay, and with good reason. It lets anyone with an email address immediately send money to anyone else with an email address, and the money is instantly deposited into the seller’s account. There’s another reason it’s the preferred payment method—eBay bought PayPal.

Additionally, PayPal offers a host of tools for those ...

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