Chapter 25. Storing Photos Where Your Listings Can Find Them

In Practice 24, I showed you how to upload your pictures, using eBay Picture Services. I don't think you should abandon that habit, as thepicture you upload via eBay is the one that ends up on the top of your listing. Most listings can make good use of more than one photo in the description. That's why you'll need the information in this practice

Some of you may find this information to be a bit basic, but it's here so you can pass it along to your employees or even ad a refresher for you!

You see, two of the most common questions I hear are these:

"How do I get my pictures up on eBay?"


"How do I get my pictures out of my camera?"

So if you've ever asked yourself those questions, look to this practice for the answers. Not only do I guide you step by step — until you're anexpert at uploading your pictures to eBay — but I also advise you on best practices for storing and safeguarding any pictures you take.

A good way to start developing your picture-handling skills is by understanding how your camera stores its images. And then you'll recognizethat storing your images in the camera is a waste of precious picturetaking space. But never fear; this practice shows you how to get thosepictures out of your camera, store them on your computer, and safeguard your artistry with regular appropriate backups.

Finding the Pictures in Your Camera

Digital cameras can store your images on various types of removable media. The industry refers ...

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