A records, DNS primer
long TTL, Assigning customers to a single data center
short TTL, Active/passive data center assignment
two A records for active/active data center assignment, Active/active data center assignment
ability to execute, Architecture Principles
access control, Identification, Authentication, and Authorization
accounting model
advantages of cloud computing, Metered
for cloud deployment models, Deployment Models
ACID, Principles Governing Distributed Computing
ACID-compliant databases, Fully normalized
active/active application tiers and active/passive database tiers, Active/Active Application Tiers, Active/Passive Database Tiers
active/active application tiers, mostly active/passive database tiers, Active/Active Application Tiers, Mostly Active/Active Database Tiers
active/active deployment architecture, Full Active/Active
assigning customers to data center, Active/active data center assignment
active/passive deployment architecture, Active/Passive
assigning customers to data center, Active/passive data center assignment
agency dilemma, Challenges with Public Clouds
Amazon machine image (AMI), Building from Snapshots
Amazon Web Services, Service Models, Increasing Maturity of eCommerce Offerings
Apache server, scalability, Scaling Up
auto-scaling solutions, Building an auto-scaling solutions
Apple Computers, omnichannel retailing case study, Technical Impact of Omnichannel
appliance-like hardware load balancers, Web Servers
application delivery controllers, Intra Data ...

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