Chapter 13. Animating Cameras in Motion’s 3D Space with Keyframes

<authorgroup>MARK SPENCER</authorgroup>

Now we get to the (really) fun stuff: flying a camera around in 3D space. We’ll start where we left off in the previous chapter—with three sets arranged in 3D space—and then look at how to use keyframes to animate the camera to fly from set to set.

The project we’ll use is a short promo for a fictional business news show called “Future News.” It consists of three virtual sets—groups of layers each positioned in a different place in 3D space. Using the Camera menu at the top left of the Canvas (discussed in the last article) to go to Perspective view allows you to see all three sets, as well as the location of the camera (FIGURE 13.1).

Figure 13.1. Our ...

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