Chapter 23. Hidden Secrets in LiveType

<authorgroup>LARRY JORDAN</authorgroup>

OK. I confess. I really like LiveType. Motion is a great program, but LiveType is like an old friend. I’m going to show you some LiveType tricks you may not have discovered for yourself. Because even with old friends, it’s nice to have new things to talk about.

You Can Work in HD

LiveType supports a variety of video formats. Its default setting is broadcast NTSC. However, you can easily change this by choosing Edit > Project Properties and choosing a different video format from the Presets pop-up menu (FIGURE 23.1).

You configure video formats in LiveType using the Presets pop-up menu. If your HD format isn’t listed, use HDTV 1080i for 1080 projects or HDTV 720p for 720 projects.

Figure 23.1. You configure video formats in LiveType using ...

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