Chapter 14. Version Scope

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.

Niels Bohr

Define the problem before you pursue a solution.

John Williams, CEO, Spence Corp.

The Version Scope phase is the beginning of the APF (see Figure 14-1). It is a formal set of activities that takes place very soon after a request has been made. There are two major parts to version scope:

A defining part.

The defining part can effectively be completed by two parties: a requestor and a provider. These may each be single individuals or small groups that represent the two parties. In either case, the critical factor is that they not only represent their constituency, they also speak for their constituency and can make decisions for the same.

A planning part.

The planning part is not unlike the early stages of the TPM planning session. It should be attended by the stakeholders and core project team. The difference here is that the version plan is not a detailed plan. It does not provide a detailed definition of the work to be done or of a schedule to be followed. Those details are part of the cycle plans.

Version Scope phase

Figure 14-1. Version Scope phase

Defining the Version Scope

You have probably guessed by now that more than one version of the solution is expected, and you are correct. However, you are concerned only with this version and will not reference any future versions of the solution. Information gathered ...

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