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Effective Work Breakdown Structures

Book Description

At last - the first comprehensive and practical guide to the work breakdown structure (WBS) in 45 years! This book offers vital new perspectives on how to apply the WBS to today's different types of projects that produce products, services or results. You'll learn how to use WBS throughout the project lifecycle to plan, control and communicate. Your new insights into the WBS principles, plus checklists and proven action steps, will improve the planning of new projects and help you launch projects more efficiently and effectively.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Preface
  3. CHAPTER 1 Introduction to the Work Breakdown Structure
    1. The Project Problem and Solution
    2. Background of the WBS Concept
      1. Early U.S. Government Activities
      2. The Project Management Institute and the PMBOK® Guide
    3. The WBS in the Project Management Process
  4. CHAPTER 2 Work Breakdown Structure Fundamentals
    1. The 100 Percent Rule
    2. Anatomy of a WBS
      1. Product Projects Breakdown
      2. Service Projects Breakdown
      3. Results Projects Breakdown
      4. Cross-Cutting Elements
      5. Project Management
    3. WBS Dictionary
    4. Work Packages
    5. Appropriate Level of Detail
      1. Use of the WBS to Develop Activities
      2. The WBS and Activities
      3. Activity Definition
    6. Inputs versus Outputs—Resources versus Deliverables
      1. Input versus Output Elements
      2. Deliverables versus Intermediate Outputs
    7. Numbering the WBS
    8. Alternate Structure Concepts
    9. Other Categorizations
  5. CHAPTER 3 Lifecycle Planning: Programs and Phases
    1. Lifecycle Phases
    2. Lifecycle WBS Concepts
    3. Department of Defense Program WBS and the Lifecycle
    4. Phases within Projects
  6. CHAPTER 4 The WBS in Project Operations
    1. Scope Management
      1. Project Charter
      2. Statement of Work
    2. Time Management
    3. Cost Management
      1. Bottom-Up Cost Estimation
      2. Collection of Historical Data
      3. Chart of Accounts Linkage
      4. Earned Value Management System Implementation
      5. Budgeting
    4. Communications
    5. Procurement Management
    6. Quality and Technical Performance Management
    7. Human Resource Management
    8. Risk Management
    9. Project Integration Management
      1. Project Plan
      2. Configuration Management
  7. CHAPTER 5 WBS Examples and Descriptions
    1. Example 1—WBS for Implementation of a New Organization-wide Management Philosophy
    2. Example 2—WBS for Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Challenges
    3. Example 3—WBS for a Book Writing Project
    4. Example 4—WBS for a Dinner Party Project
    5. Example 5—WBS for a Museum Exhibit Project (Project Definition Phase)
  8. CHAPTER 6 WBS Principles, Steps, and Checklist
    1. WBS Principles
      1. Top Level
      2. Product Projects
      3. Service Projects
      4. Results Projects
      5. Common Principles
    2. Steps in Developing a WBS
    3. Checklist
  9. Bibliography
  10. Index