5.8. Setup model

Figure 5.70 shows the domain of study of the electromagnetic problem. It consists of the inductor, the composite, and an infinite box to impose boundary conditions. The different fold orientations do not allow us to find an axis of symmetry. As for the thermal problem, its domain of study is limited to the plate only.

Figure 5.70. Domain of study


5.8.1. Electromagnetic formulation

To solve the electromagnetic problem, the A, V formulation is used. For reasons of equation symmetry, we set:

[5.47] images

The A, V formulation is then written as:

[5.48] images

[5.49] images

In the hypothesis of a time harmonic form with angular velocity omega.tif, the part.tif5/part.tif5t operator becomes jomega.tif. Furthermore, by using the Galerkin ...

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