Praise for Embedded Android

“This is the definitive book for anyone wanting to create a system based on Android. If you don’t work for Google and you are working with the low-level Android interfaces, you need this book.”

Greg Kroah-Hartman, Core Linux Kernel Developer

“If you or your team works on creating custom Android images, devices, or ROM mods, you want this book! Other than the source code itself, this is the only place where you’ll find an explanation of how Android works, how the Android build system works, and an overall view of how Android is put together. I especially like the chapters on the build system and frameworks (4, 6, and 7), where there are many nuggets of information from the AOSP source that are hard to reverse-engineer. This book will save you and your team a lot of time. I wish we had it back when our teams were starting on the Frozen Yogurt version of Android two years ago. This book is likely to become required reading for new team members working on Intel Android stacks for the Intel reference phones.”

Mark Gross, Android/Linux Kernel Architect, Platform System Integration/Mobile Communications Group/Intel Corporation

“Karim methodically knocks out the many mysteries Android poses to embedded system developers. This book is a practical treatment of working with the open source software project on all classes of devices, beyond just consumer phones and tablets. I’m personally pleased to see so many examples provided on affordable hardware, namely BeagleBone, ...

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