NNRC: Rate Control Design


8.1 Overview

8.2 Feasible Desired Round Trip Time Estimator Design

8.2.1 Proof of Lemma 8.1

8.2.2 Proof of Lemma 8.2

8.3 Rate Control Design

8.3.1 Guaranteeing Boundness of Transmission Rate

8.3.2 Reducing Rate in Congestion

8.4 Illustrative Example

8.4.1 Implementation Details

8.4.2 Network Topology

8.4.3 Normal Scenario

8.4.4 Congestion Avoidance Scenario

8.5 Concluding Comments

8.1 Overview

This chapter focuses on the design of a) the feasible round trip time estimator and b) the rate control module of the NNRC framework. Throughout the chapter the number of channels used is constant to a value known in advance. The latter assumption will be relaxed in Chapter 9 when considering the throughput control ...

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