14.7 Fraunhofer diffraction at single slit

The single slit is represented as AB in Fig. 14.8. The slit is in the form of a narrow rectangle in shape. The width of the slit AB is equal to ‘e’ and the plane of the slit is perpendicular to the plane of the paper. A plane wave front WW of monochromatic light of wave length ‘λ’ is incident on the slit AB. Every point on the wave front in the slit will act as a source of secondary wavelets. The secondary wavelets travelling in the direction of OP are brought to focus at P0 on the screen SS by using a converging lens L. The secondary wavelets from AB which are brought to focus at P0 have no path difference. Hence the intensity at P0 is high and it is known as central maximum. The secondary wavelets ...

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