8.17 p-n diode rectifier

A p-n diode is used in a circuit to convert a.c supply into d.c supply. The process of converting a.c supply into d.c supply is called rectification. A rectifier is a device that permits current to flow through it in one direction only. We have mainly two different types of rectifiers (i) Half-wave rectifier and (ii) Full-wave rectifier.

(i) Half-wave rectifier: The half-wave rectifying circuit is shown in Fig. 8.27(a). The circuit consists of a single crystal p-n diode and load resister, RL. These are connected in series with the secondary winding of a transformer (or a.c source). The rectifier conducts current only during the positive half cycles of input a.c supply. Let the input a.c supply have sinusoidal wave form ...

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